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So you’ve visited us a couple of times and like what you experience.  You’ve been through the web site and think that we are okay.  Why join First United Methodist Church?  You can worship here, even take communion, without being a member.  You can participate in most of what goes on here without joining.  So why join?  Are there any perks?  A great parking place?  A seat of my own in the sanctuary?

The most important part of membership has little to do with such “benefits.”  The most important part of membership is the commitment you make to the people of First United Methodist Church.  Members make the commitment to be there for each other.  Members make the commitment to help each other grow in love of God and love for God’s world.  Members give of themselves for each other and for the wider work of the church in the world. 

In our society we tend not to make commitments easily, but in the Christian faith we believe our spiritual lives mature as we make commitments.  That’s the most important reason for considering joining a church.

If you are interested in membership we ask that you attend a new member class, and these classes are held throughout the year.  For more information you can contact the pastor, David Bard.  He would love to visit with you about church membership.


All are welcome!

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